We believe most all companies have a need for a cost-effective, strategic financial management partner. EBS can tailor its services to meet the needs of each client, ultimately, working with the client to help set a successful business strategy and the financial vision to meet that strategy. EBS can function as key member of your management team. We will work with you to determine how to best utilize our services to accomplish your goals. That may be on a part-time, as needed basis or in a more planned fashion with certain on-going support and day-to-day services. Ultimately, we function as a key member of your management team when you choose not to employ a full time CFO.


Support in setting up a new company

Strive to mitigate cost of non-compliance

Assist to comply with legal / fiscal regulations

Assist to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Provide access to resources not available internally


Advise on strategies to lower operational and labour costs resulting in significant

Prepare and report financial statements & allied matters to Parent Company in prescribed template

Assistance with bookkeeping, reporting and accounting on a local or
transnational basis

Tax management

Tax compliance

Tax optimization studies

Tax incentives / exemptions advisory

Handling income tax

Representation before income tax authorities

Cross border transaction advisory

Preparing and filing tax